The current project envisages the construction of an elevator to provide access for people with reduced mobility to CHAMBER OF PROFESSIONALS AND HANDICRAFTS OF RODOPI. The facility will allow to achieve an accessible environment and disadvantaged people to easily use the results of the current project and the services of the Chamber.

A number of soft measures are also envisaged, as follows:

1. Creation of an online platform for development and support of existing and new entrepreneurs in cross-border areas - an ICT product will be created, which will be filled with content for support and development in the form of analyzes, research, materials for human resources development, regulatory base and others, such as: Conditions, difficulties and obstacles to obtaining funding (especially for priority sectors);Limited access of entrepreneurs to business know-how; Ensuring full access of entrepreneurs to general information and contacts of services administrations, inspections, etc. on the territory of the cross-border area and more. The materials will be published with free access on the online platform in Bulgarian and Greek and will provide information to entrepreneurs both about their own area and about the opportunities they have to export their activities to the neighboring country.

2. Conducting events to promote the online platform and focus the attention of the target groups on ways to overcome the biggest identified challenges in cross-border areas. It is planned to hold two main groups of events: for existing companies and for start-up companies. Each event will be held with the necessary technical equipment, materials and a lecturer, a specialist on the topic to be presented. The events will be promoted through an advertising campaign that will cover all cross-border areas in the two countries.