The Lead Partner made a series of initiatives in search of partners, met with many organizations that shared their ideas, interests and needs and made the best choice and offered a partnership to current partners, which achieved full alignment in goals and adequate distribution of responsibilities.

We will strive to overcome the challenge Difficulties in obtaining business finance by preparing and providing professional research, analysis of the possibilities for obtaining financing from business in two main areas: obtaining financing from a banking institution and financing from European funds. A section will be created on the prepared internet platform, in which analyzes of the opportunities for business financing in the cross-border territories of Bulgaria and Greece will be published, with an emphasis on the priority sectors.

Limited access of entrepreneurs to business know-how will be overcome with two main approaches: a section will be created in the online platform, which will contain materials in the form of video, audio recordings, articles, publications and shared experience of successful entrepreneurs. The information and know-how provided will be shared by successful global entrepreneurs as well as local ones who are interested in finding partners, contractors or subcontractors from the cross-border area of the priority sectors.The second approach is by organizing events to share know-how by successful entrepreneurs during organized specialized events, both for business development in general and in specific sectors.

Creating a competitive product or service is a challenge for entrepreneurs in the cross-border area, which we will try to overcome through this project by providing information on expected but not sufficiently widespread European regulations that are to be adopted, are under discussion or will be introduced in the medium term. This type of regulation is, for example, those that aim to protect the environment and human impact on it by limiting the use of plastics, reducing CO2 emissions. Another type of regulation regulates the equality of employees, their rights, gender equality and others. Another type of regulations are for protection of competitiveness, protection of geographical indications; regulations for changing production methods and others.

For this purpose, a professional analysis will be prepared, which will be provided for free access to the online platform and will be presented in detail at the events held under the project. The information will be available in Bulgarian and Greek. A challenge that we have identified and will strive to overcome is the difficulty for new entrepreneurs, start-up companies. It is planned to prepare a rich set of information on the regulatory framework, basic regulations, major regulatory authorities and others that new entrepreneurs face at the beginning of their activities.

This is one of the most serious problems that anyone with a business idea faces and often does not develop their idea due to lack of information. There will also be a series of seminars, trainings and events, especially for start-up companies, which will present in detail the main steps that every new entrepreneur must take to start offering goods or services on the market.

The target groups that will benefit from the results of the project are existing and new entrepreneurs operating in areas with low levels of support, as well as companies looking for partners in the same area. By presenting the information in the online platform in an accessible way, our goal is for it to be used by the general public, without restriction, which will attract and support young entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and other groups considered unequal in the entrepreneurial field.

The cross-border approach is necessary because it is the easiest and most logical way to expand any product and service offered in any field of activity. In cross-border expansion, the costs of market research, product and service presentation, search for partners, contractors and subcontractors and customers are the lowest, at least due to geographical proximity.

The novelty offered by this project is the huge amount of information that covers almost the entire range of data that would be needed by any existing or new entrepreneur to improve their activities, increase their competitiveness or to start a business.