The overall goal of the project is to provide information in many aspects that meet the main challenges that entrepreneurs in the area face, to strengthen the factors influencing entrepreneurial success, to stimulate business survival, and to promote entrepreneurial culture, including the creation of new businesses and the start-up of new companies (start-ups). Information will be presented that will be useful to any type of business, but will focus on priority sectors: Agro-food industry, Waste management for recycling or energy, Renewable energy and energy saving, Sustainable tourism, Health, Materials - Technology, Textile industry.

The objectives of this project fully meet the objectives of the program, namely: removing barriers and bottlenecs for SMEs. Barriers that will be removed are difficult access to information. The increased level of awareness among SMEs will lead to increased access to finance, access to know-how, administrative information and others. Facilitated access to information will help to take the first steps in entrepreneurship and development of existing entrepreneurs.